Mega Power® Electrosurgical Generator

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The Power of Simplicity and Performance

In addition to offering the most advanced electrosurgical tools in the industry, Megadyne also provides the state-of-the-art Mega Power electrosurgical generator--designed for its simplicity and ease of use. Mega Power delivers an intuitive design and user-friendly interface with the power to perform consistently and flawlessly for efficient and effective surgical performance regardless of tissue type. Electrosurgical generators are a key component in the electrosurgical circuit.

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ACE Mode

Megadyne Megapower ACE Mode

Mega Power’s proprietary ACE Mode – in combination with the ACE Blade – is designed to provide a scalpel-like cutting effect for minimal thermal necrosis and reduced scarring

Large Display

Megadyne Megapower

Large, easy to read displays that are highly visible, even at a distance

Intuitive Buttons

Megadyne MegaPower

Large, intuitive buttons assist with setup and ease of use

Bipolar Modes


Mega Power features Micro and Macro Bipolar modes with a built-in Current Flow meter


Simple on the outside. Advanced on the inside.

The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the Mega Power Electrosurgical Generator (diathermy) allows your surgical team to hit the ground running. The confusion and frustration associated with previous generators are a thing of the past. Surgical teams have been asking for a generator that is simple, intuitive to use, and easy to set-up. The Mega Power is the answer with simple but elegant features that include:

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