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Megadyne Medical Products

For over 30 years, Megadyne has led the electrosurgical equipment industry by designing innovative products that offer uncompromising safety while providing ease and efficiency in the operating room.

Our products include:

  • Mega Power® electrosurgical generator: Designed for its simplicity and ease of use, the Mega Power generator delivers intuitive design with a user-friendly interface that performs consistently and flawlessly for efficient and effective surgical performance, regardless of tissue type.

  • Mega Soft® Reusable Patient Return Electrode: The Mega Soft pad combines an O.R. table pressure reduction pad with safe and easy-to-use return electrodes to create a state-of-the-art product that be used in a variety of surgical procedures and positions.

  • ZIP Pen®: Similar in function to the standard electrosurgical pencil, the ZIP Pen is an ergonomic smoke evacuation device that effortlessly removes surgical smoke.
  • E-Z Clean® electrodes:  E-Z Clean non-stick electrodes feature a proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating that reduces eschar buildup during surgical procedures, enabling surgeons to use lower power settings.

  • Electrosurgical Pencils: The ergonomic and lightweight design of the electrosurgical pencil is comfortable and minimizes fatigue. Its water resistant construction minimizes electrical shocks and inadvertent activations to deliver unparalleled safety for both the surgical team and the patient.
  • E-Z Clean® Laparoscopic Electrodes: E-Z Clean laparoscopic electrodes provide excellent dissection and coagulation for a variety of surgical applications, rendering procedures cleaner, safer and faster.
  • Bipolar Forceps: Megadyne’s line of reusable bipolar forceps are fully insulated and come in a variety of patterns to meet the demands of today’s surgical procedures.
  • Suction Coagulator: These disposable suction coagulators to choose from that provide precise coagulation with controlled fluid evacuation.
  • LLETZ Loops: These disposable LLETZ loop electrodes are easy to use and will provide a precise specimen for examination. Each LLETZ loop configuration delivers excellent cutting characteristics for exact tissue excision.

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11506 S State Street
Draper, UT. 84020 USA
Phone: +1-800-255-5500, option 1
Fax: +1-732-562-2212

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