ACE Advanced Cutting System


The Precision of a Scalpel with the Power of Electrosurgery

The single, innovative instrument – combined with the ACE Mode of the Mega Power™ Generator – effectively cuts, coagulates and dissects, reducing the need to pass scalpels and conventional electrosurgical blades back and forth. ACE Blade glides through tissue and safely performs skin incisions with wound healing equivalent to a scalpel.
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ACE Blade


With its patented geometry, ACE Blade glides through tissue with ease and precision

Safety and Efficacy


ACE Blade cuts like a scalpel without having a razor’s edge while producing wound healing equivalent to a scalpel

ACE Mode


The proprietary ACE Mode in the Mega Power generator – combined with the ACE Blade – allows surgeons to perform safe, precise skin incisions using the power and speed of electrosurgery


Experience the Benefits of ACE

Time Savings

Improved Safety and Efficacy

Superior Control


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