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Megadyne’s electrosurgical equipment has been proven in thousands of operating rooms worldwide. From the Mega Power electrosurgical generator with proprietary ACE mode, to the patented Mega Soft patient return electrode, to the proprietary non-stick E-Z Clean pencils and electrodes, Megadyne provides innovative solutions that improve patient safety and outcome. Our electrosurgery equipment offers superior value and is simple and easy to use. Included in Megadyne’s line of products are:
  • The ACE Blade combines the precision of a scalpel with the technology of the Mega Power Generator to act as a multi-use tool. The ACE Blade not only cuts like a scalpel but has equivalent wound healing as well. It also has the ability to effectively coagulate and dissect.
  • The ZIP Pen is an award winning, ergonomic smoke evacuation pencil. It functions similar to the electrosurgical pencil, but effectively evacuates surgical smoke that is hazardous to the health of surgical staff and patients.
  • E-Z Clean® Laparoscopic electrodes help to make surgeries cleaner, safer, and faster by providing superb dissection and coagulation for an array of different procedures.
  • Reusable bipolar forceps are designed for a variety of uses and help to add precision and alignment in lengthy surgeries.
  • The suction coagulator provides precise coagulation with controlled fluid evacuation. This disposable, customizable tool also allows precise application.
  • LLETZ Loop electrodes deliver excellent cutting skills that enable the extraction of tissue specimens.

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The Megadyne family of quality electrosurgical products utilizes new and innovative technology to improve safety, increase efficiency, and bring cost savings. Megadyne, your trusted electrosurgery resource, is here to meet your needs. Contact us today to request electrosurgical samples, or call: 1-800-747-6110.
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